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Download All WRONG TURN Film Series


Download All WRONG TURN  Film Series




Wrong Turn is a series of six American slasher horror films created by Alan B. McElroy. All six films focus on various families of deformed cannibals who hunt a group of people in West Virginia by killing them all for food in horrific ways by using a mixture of traps and weaponry. Of the three main cannibals in the series, only Three Finger has appeared in all six films. The original Wrong Turn film was released in 2003, and is later followed by two sequels and three stand-alone prequels to the original film, that lasted up until 2014.

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Wrong.Turn.1.2003 [] 480pBluRay.x264.300MB.mkv

Wrong.Turn.2.2007 [] 480pBluRay.x264.350MB.mkv

Wrong.Turn.3.2009 [[] 480pBluRay.x264.350MB.mkv

Wrong.Turn.4.2011 [ 480pBluRay.x264.350MB.mkv

Wrong.Turn.5.2012 [[] 480pBluRay.x264.350MB.mkv

Wrong.Turn.6.2014 [[] 480pBluRay.x264.350MB.mkv